10 Survival tips for Architecture Students

Architecture, how can someone begin to gather the words that can describe a major that is equivalent to Medical or Law school. It is filled with struggles that seems almost like a joke at first, but soon become a sad and scary reality for some. Many things are to be sacrificed and learned at the same time, and much help is needed from those further along in the major. There are a few tips that can be given out to assist those who have chosen to walk the long and hard path of Architecture.

1. When given an assignment, work on it IMMEDIATELY!


Never get into the mindset that you can finish anything in Architecture last minute, these projects take time and need deep thought not last minute procrastination. If you wait any period of time after you are given an assignment you are going to have less time to finish, take little steps and start right when you get any assignment for all classes. When given the chance to get ahead and to finish early always try to take that route in case anything goes wrong with the assignment or anything in life comes up.

2.  Manage time when given large assignments


There is nothing like realizing you are about to stay up and watch the sun set and rise again while making models and drafting rather than sleeping. Plan out projects and make deadlines for yourself to keep on track and enable you to complete number 3. Always have a plan and layout for any project, it helps to complete the assignment faster and usually the project are better completed when time is managed and the who project is thought out well. This will make you projects better.



If there is one thing that any Architecture student wants more than more money or time is sleep. It is the only thing that will sneak up on you and make you suffer in other classes when you fall asleep during lecture. Set a sleep schedule and try your best to keep it because in the end you need to be awake to pass. Sleep is your best friend that you will rarely see, but when you do enjoy it and try to get it as much as possible to have great work rather than not.

4. Ask for help


Architecture is not something that you will understand after one lecture, you will be confused out of your mind and will do everything wrong if you do not ask for help from peers and professors. This will make you more knowledgeable and overall help you from tearing your hair out when you’ve done something wrong.

5. Make Friends in Studio and find Organizations fixed towards Architecture


If you think you are going to get your degree in Architecture by yourself, you might as well not even come to class. It is torture to set yourself apart and try to just focus on Architecture, you will need friends to take you away from studio but also understand your struggle and be able to help you. Friends will better your work and life in studio to keep it short and sweet.

6. Pick your Poison, Energy Drinks or Coffee


Do not fight it, you will be consuming a large amount of caffeine until you get your degree. Late nights will require you to be alert and naps will turn into hours of sleep. Grab a caffeine loaded drink and start working. Its not something that we are proud of, but it is something that we need dearly to enable work to be completed while being up for 48 or more hours at a time because of life and architecture. Find a way to stay awake when that all nighter peeks its little head around the corner.

7. Find Architecture blogs, pages, magazines, etc.

Try and surround parts of your life with your major, but don’t go too crazy with it. Get familiar with the industry and what the trends seem to be, this will help you in your work and thought process. Finding out what is going on currently in the field that you are studying in will help for you to see trends and what you like as a designer and artist. This will help you to become inspired and show you what type of work you want to produce when you get your opportunity.

8. Practice your Lettering


We are not doctors and need to be able to read everything within a uniform font. This will make your work look more professional and, to be honest, Architect font is gorgeous and that is a fact. This will make your work look more professional and show that you are dedicated enough to the field to write the way the famous Architects write. This will make you feel more like an Architect and distinguish you from any other human who happens to write in a personal or standard font.

9. Do not give up when things get hard


Yes this is going to test people, it is just as hard to be an Architect as it is to be a lawyer. Test yourself and push yourself to try your best at this, if you are not made for Architecture, you are the only one that will know. This is a field of those who can visualize and materialize their ideas into many different medians, if you have a hard time give it your best! You might love the field or find something else that peaks your interest.

10. Have Fun


Yes that is a dumb thing to say, but when it comes to the end of the day you need to have fun with what you do. IF you are going to do this the rest of your life you should be able to have fun and enjoy the work that you do. So during your next all-nighter, have a dance party, get crazy, and enjoy the craziness that is Architecture

Good luck! You’ve picked an amazing major and hopefully it is a perfect fit for you. Try and apply some of these tips in order to keep your sanity and not become the next kid to move back in with their parents to get a BS degree. Enjoy the complexity and differentiation of Architecture and be proud when you walk out of studio at 7AM after working for 36 hours. You are going to be an Architect, who knows what you will create and design, make sure to get the degree to enable you to do that.

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All other images are under the ownership of Andrew Mesa


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